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Saint Lucia is part of the Winward Islands, in the Eastern Caribbean. It lies between the Caribbean Sea to the west and the North Atlantic Ocean to the east. It is approximately 1300 miles southeast of Florida.


616 km2.


Tropical, with temperatures ranging from the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties farenhieght. There are only two seasons. The dry season is from January to April. The rainy season is from April to December.




English, French Creole

Government Type

Parliamentary Democracy


 Flag of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucian artist Dunstan St. Omer, designer of the National Flag, has described it as follows:

  • On a plain blue field, a device consisting of a white and black triangular shape, at the base of which a golden triangle occupies a central position.
  • The triangles are superimposed on one another the black on the white, and the gold on the black. The black ends as a three-pointed star in the centre of the flag.
  • The width of the white part of the triangle is one-and-a-half inches on both sides of the black. The distance between the peaks of the black and white triangles is four inches.
  • The triangles share a common base the length of which is one-third of the full length of the flag.


East Caribbean CurrencyCurrency

Saint Lucia's currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar.
$1 US = $2.67 EC
1 Euro = $3.40 EC
1 Pound sterling = $4.00 EC


George F. L. Charles Airport - Castries
Hewanorra International Airport – Vieux Fort

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